Compiling Code On DIaL3

Compiler Suites

We provide the following compiler suites on DIaL3

Language AMD Cray GNU Intel LLVM OneAPI
C clang cc gcc icc clang icx
C++ clang++ CC g++ icpc clang++ icpx
Fortran flang ftn gfortran ifort flang ifx

Hierarchical modules

We use hierarchical modules on DIaL3. This means that not all modules are visible initially, instead additional modules become visible once you load certain modules.

Specifically we use Compilers and MPI modules as the basis for our modules hierarchy. Loading a compiler module will make accessible additional modules built with that compiler, it will also unload all other compiler modules, in order to avoid clashes.

For example, if you load the AOCC compiler

module load aocc/3.0.0

it will unlock additional set of sub-modules that were built with the compiler, e.g.

module avail


amdblis/3.0/4yxmag    amdlibflame/3.0/jqi4a5    cmake/3.21.3/ufpze2    hwloc/2.5.0/ty4ojn    numactl/2.0.14/qagahc    openmpi/4.0.5/wpfljq (L)    python/3.8.11/yz4244

If you load OpenMPI

module load openmpi/4.0.5/wpfljq

it will unlock a further set of sub-modules built with aocc v3.0.0 and openmpi v4.0.5, e.g.

module avail


amdfftw/3.0 amdscalapack/3.0

Compiler, Library and MPI combinations

The following table shows the supported compiler/library/MPI combinations available to users. Each column shows a supported combination of tools, this means that this particular combination is known to work and is part of our regression testing.

You may find that other combinations of Compilers and libraries work and give good performance, (e.g. Intel Compilers with Cray libsci, or GCC compilers with AOCL libraries). However, we only test the combinations shown.

Component AMD Cray GNU Intel OneAPI
Compiler aocc PrgEnv-cray gcc intel-parallel-studio intel-oneapi-compilers
BLAS amdblis " openblas " intel-oneapi-mkl
LAPACK amdflame " "
MPI openmpi cray-mpich-ucx
openmpi " intel-oneapi-mpi
ScalaPACK amdscalapack " "
FFTW amdfftw cray-fftw "

The table shows the generic name of module that you need to load in order to bring a specific component into your environment. Please note that you also need to specify the version number when loading the moules. Examples are given in the following section.

How to load a specific Compiler/Library/MPI combination

Examples of loading specific Compiler/Library/MPI combinations (including version numbers). The use of hierarchical modules also helps to guide users into loading supported combinations of modules (and generally prevents users from loading incorrect combinations).


Compiler version 3.0

module load aocc/3.0.0
module load amdblis/3.0
module load amdlibm/3.0
module load openmpi/4.0.5
module load amdfftw/3.0
module load amdscalapack/3.0

Compiler version 3.1

module load aocc/3.1.0
module load openmpi/4.0.5
module load amdblis/3.0
module load amdlibm/3.0
module load amdfftw/3.0
module load amdscalapack/3.0

Compiler version 4.1

module load aocc/4.1
module load amdblis/4.1
module load amdlibm/4.1
module load openmpi/4.1.6
module load amdfftw/4.1
module load amdscalapack/4.1


module load PrgEnv-cray/8.0.0
module swap cray-mpich cray-mpich-ucx
module swap craype-network-ofi craype-network-ucx 
module load cray-pmi
module load cray-fftw/


module load gcc/10.3.0
module load openmpi/4.0.5
module load openblas/0.3.15

Intel Classic:

module load intel-parallel-studio

Intel OneAPI:

Compiler version 2021.2.0

module load intel-oneapi-compilers/2021.2.0
module load intel-oneapi-mkl/2021.4.0
module load intel-oneapi-mpi/2021.4.0

Compiler version 2023.2.1

module load intel-oneapi-compilers/2023.2.1
module load intel-oneapi-mkl/2023.2.0
module load intel-oneapi-mpi/2021.10.0